Locker Locks have RFID locker lock, hidden locker lock, password locker lock, fingerprint locker lock, self-service locker lock.

These types of locker locks are suit for all kinds of places. You can find one for your bussiness or private places.

  • RFID locker lock: RFID keys unlock the locker. Unlock by dual or single key.
  • Hidden locker lock: invisible front panel, nobody can find where to unlock. M1 card or 125Khz  card to unlock.
  • Password locker lock: password to unlock, also we have messy password function. Some locks can unlock with RFID keys.
  • Fingerprint locker lock: the fastest way to open the locker, fingerprint to unlock.
  • Self-service locker lock: can write a cabinet number to the lock. the staff can help to check cabinet number with software and encoder.