Project Description

EP-B301 Digital Password Locker Lock

Digital password locker locks open by password.
Silver color, zinc alloy or ABS material.
2 working modes, please get details below.
Application: Sports Center, Sauna Room, Supermarket, School, Office, Hospital, etc.

Working Mode

Fixed Password Mode

  • The user enters password to unlock. It will lock itself (latch gets out) automatically. Just push to close the door to lock it
  • The password is permanent

Free Mode

  • User set a one-time password to lock the cabinet to store his stuff, and use the same password to unlock
  • Then the cabinet becomes available for others
  • The next user repeat the same operation to use the cabinet 



Digital Password Locker Lock


User code, master code, hopping code

Wood OR Steel Lockers


15-25mm wood door; 8-15mm steel door

4pcs AAA batteries

Zinc Alloy & ABS


85*56 mm

4-10 Digits

Part List & Details

EP-B301 Digital Password Locker Lock - Part List

Messy Password Function

When unlocking. you can enter some messy/fake number before and after the correct password.
Prevent others peeping your password.

Hopping Password Function

No need to worry about forgetting password. 
If in any case, you forget both the user and admin password, just send us the serial number, we will generate a one-time password for you to unlock, then you can reset password.

Power Supply

⇒ Powered by 4 pcs AAA alkaline batteries
⇒ Last for 7-10 months. Don’t need to change battery frequently
⇒ If low Voltage (<4.8V), there will be alarm sound to remind you changing battery.
⇒ The external power port on the lock allows you to connect a battery case with 4 pcs AA battery to unlock. You don’t have to destroy the locker/cabinet when battery dead. We will give you 2 battery cases for free if order > 100 pcs locks

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