Project Description

EP-CM-D-2U Touch Screen Smart Wall Switch

Touch Screen Smart Wall Switch function can be customized.
Panel color: silver, gold
Please advise us before placing the order.
Application: Home, Hotel, Motel, etc.

Function Option

  • Don’t Disturb / Please Wait / Please Clean
  • Corridor Light / Bathroom Light / Mirror Light / Ventilator / Ceiling Light / Light Strip / Wall Lamp
  • Spotlight / Chandelier / Floor Lamp / Temperature Switch / Master Switch / Left Bed Light / Right Bed Light
    Reading Light / Bed Down-Light / Night Light
  • Net Socket  / TV Socket   /   Telephone Socket   /   SOS   /  Shaver Socket
  • 3 Pin Outlet  /   5 Pin Outlet  /  USB Charger   / Curtain Opening   /   Curtain Closing

Please advise us the functions before placing order



Touch Screen Smart Wall Switch

Touch (Capacitive)

PC Material Frame

Silver, Golden, White, Champagne, Brown

Silver or Golden

500W for Each Gang

AC 220V or DC 12V


Live Line and Neutral Line

86 Mounting Box

86*86 mm


  • Capacitive Touch Screen: Sensitive, fashion and high grade.
  • High Power: UP to 500W power for each key, 2000W in total.
  • Intelligent Control: Automatic corridor light,all-in-one switch,2-way control,smart night light, light dimmer,etc.
  • Modular Design: You can choose and conbine the function key according to your actual need.
  • Tempered Glass Panel: Crystal clear, no deformation and discoloration.
  • With Backlight Indicator: The icon on the touch screen switch is very clear.
  • Easy Wiring: Supplying power by live line and null line, the switch can be apply to all kinds of lights.
  • Easy Installation: International 86 bottom box design, suitable for hotel, factory, apartment, office, etc.
  • ABS Fireproof Materials: Completely packaged circuit board, in line with international fire-protection standard.
  • IC Controlled: Durable and energy saving performance.
D Series Touch Switch - Details

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