Project Description

EP-B101 RFID Locker Lock

RFID locker locks open by RFID keys, 125Khz for default, 13.56Mhz optional. 
Silver, gold panel color (zinc alloy material)
Black, white mortise color (ABS material)
Wristband has red, blue, yellow, orange color
4 functions for options, get details below.
Please advise us in advance before placing order. 
Application: Sports Center, Sauna Room, Supermarket, School, Office, Hospital, etc.


Fixed Automatic Mode

  • Need to program keys in advance
  • Latch gets outside automatically after opening
  • By default, we send locks with this type 

Fixed Not-automatic Mode

  • Need to program keys in advance
  • Latch won’t get outside automatically after opening
  • Read key to close it (the latch gets outside)

Free Mode

  • Don’t need to program keys in advance
  • Any member key to close free locker, the same key to open it

Software Mode

  • Need software and encoder to set locker numbers, and program keys to open rfid locker lock



RFID Locker Lock

Swipe RFID Key

Private and Public Places

Wood cabinet/locker/drawer


15 – 25 mm

DC 6V (4pcs AA batteries)

Zinc Alloy

Golden, Silver

125Khz (by default), 13.56Mhz

ABS wristband, token, key card

Part List & Details

Front Panel

EP-B101-G RFID Locker Lock
  • Zinc Alloy Material
  • Silver/Golden Color

Lock Body

  • ABS Material
  • White/Black Color

Side Catch

Side Catch
  • ABS Material
  • White/Black Color

ABS Wristband

  • ABS Material
  • 4 Colors

ABS Wristband (by default)

  • Locker number on the wristband available.
  • Please advise us the color of front panel, lock body, the wristband before order.
  • Other types of RFID keys for options: key fob, token, key card…

Power Supply

Size & Color

EP-B101 rfid locker lock size


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