Project Description

EP-QDCM-15 Touch Wall Switch

Touch Wall Switch included energy saving switch and inside touch switch (please wait, don’t disturb, please clean up).
It needs to work with room number plate. 
Frame color has silver, gold, rose gold for options. ( Zinc Alloy or PC material)
Tempered glass, black/white/brown/champagne color panel
Function: Please check below functions. That’s can be customized.
Application: Hotel, Apartment, Motel, House, etc.


Please Wait

  • If visitor press doorbell outside, but it is not convenient for guest to open the door immediately, he can press the “Please Wait” key on the touch switch inside the room, to turn on this “Please Wait” sign light.

Please Clean Uop

  • When guest press “Please Clean Up” key on the touch switch inside the room, this “Please Clean Up” sigh light will be turned on, to remind waiter this room need to be cleaned.

Don't Disturb

  • When guest press “Don’t Disturb” key on the touch switch inside the room, this “Don’t Disturb” sigh light will be turned on to indicate that the guest need privacy and rest,  meanwhile the doorbell become inactive. (No ring even if doorbell key is pressed).
  • Don’t Disturb / Please Wait / Please Clean
  • Corridor Light / Bathroom Light / Mirror Light / Ventilator / Ceiling Light / Light Strip / Wall Lamp
  • Spotlight / Chandelier / Floor Lamp / Temperature Switch / Master Switch / Left Bed Light / Right Bed Light
    Reading Light / Bed Down-Light / Night Light
  • Net Socket  / TV Socket   /   Telephone Socket   /   SOS   /  Shaver Socket
  • 3 Pin Outlet  /   5 Pin Outlet  /  USB Charger   / Curtain Opening   /   Curtain Closing

Please advise us the functions before placing order

Other Touch Switches - Function



RFID Locker Lock

Insert RFID room card to gain power

To control door plate outside room

Don’t disturb, Please Clean, Please wait

Hotel, Apartment, Club, Sauna Room, etc.


Zinc Alloy or PC

86 bottom mounting box

Tempered Glass

Golden, Silver, Champagne

AC 110/220V OR DC 5/12V

Live line and neutral line

172*86 mm


Size & Color

Size Option

  • Customized more units available
  • More functions can be combination  (Please check the “Function Option“)
Switch - Customized Option
Touch Switch - Size Option

Color Option

Please advice us the panel color, frame material and frame color before placing order.

  • Panel Color: Champagne, Black, White, Brown
  • PC Material Frame Color: Gold, Silver
  • Zinc Alloy Material Frame Color: Silver, Rose Gold
EP-QDCM-15 touch wall switch -color
Wall Switch - Frame Color



Door Plate System

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