Project Description

EP-A103 Smart Card Door Lock

Smart card door lock open by RFID card or mechanical key.
Silver, gold color (zinc alloy material)
ANSI Standard Mortise
Card type for T5557 (125kHz) or M1(13.56Mhz) Available
Suit for 38~60mm door thickness.
It has 2 version, with the system and without the system to manage.
Please advice us in advance before placing order.
Application: Hotel, Motel, Apartment, Home, etc. 


Emergency Unlock

  • If battery exhausted or PCB defective, you can use mechanical key to open the door.

Low Battery Alert

  • If low battery (<4.8V) , the locks will be beeps to remind you to change batteries.

Door-opening Record

  • The lock will save the latest 255 PCS of door-opening record. You can know who/when/how opened the door.

Door-closing Remind

  • If you entered the room but forget to close the door, there will be “Di-Di” sound from the lock to remind you to close it.

Automatic Lock

  • After door is opened and handle is released, the lock will lock itself automatically. If reading card but not open, the lock will lock itself.

Real-time Clock

  • Clock function of the lock can effectively control the validity of guest card to prevent the guest default on room rate.



Hotel Lock

RFID Card and Mechanical Key

About 14,000 Opening Times

Hotel, House, Apartment, Hospital, etc.

1 Year

DC 6V (4pcs AA batteries)

Zinc Alloy

Golden, Silver

ANSI Standard

T5557 (125kHz) or M1(13.56Mhz)

Part List & Details

Card Reader Door Lock Mortise

ANSI Standard Mortise

RFID Key Card

Our bedroom room door locks work with RFID card, 125Khz card by default, 13.56 Mifare 1K card optional. If you need to printing logo, please advise us before the placing order.

Size & Color

A103 Hotel Lock-Size

Purchasing Guide

Necessary Items

Hotel Lock System
Hotel Lock1 pcs/RoomInstalled onto the door
Software/Work with card encoder to program cards
Card Encoder2 pcs / HotelIt is better to have 2 encoders. one for use, the other for backup.
Key Card3~5 pcs / RoomIn case multiple guests share one room, or cards get lost, it is better to get more cards.

Optional Items

Data Collector

Energy Saving Switch

Room Number System

Anti-theft Clasp

Data Collector1 pcs/ HotelUsed to collector door-opening history data (who/when/how) from the lock
Energy Saving Switch1 pcs/ RoomInsert RFID room card to gain power, take it out to cut off power
Room Number System1 set/ Room

Include: door plate, inside touch switch, doorbell

Display hotel name & room number, with doorbell, No-disturb alert, Clean-up alert function.

Anti-theft Clasp1 pcs/ RoomPrevent people with cards or metal key entering your room, to ensure your rest and privacy.

Software Interface

Hotel Lock System for door lock
Hotel Lock System - Card Key for Staff

Work with card encoder, you can easily set locks and manage cards on the computer. When Guests come to check in, receptionist programs guest card from front desk. Then the guest can walk to the appointed room to open the lock directly.

Click to get guide video of hotel door lock system

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